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There isn’t a commercial roofing need we can’t fix. From minor mends to major replacements, we’re the best local North Georgia roofing company to get the job done right the first time.

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At Top Tier Roofing Company, we don’t just serve homeowners. We thrive on large-scale roofing jobs too, and we’re happy to provide solutions for commercial and industrial roofing projects. 

Whether your business needs full roof replacement or basic maintenance and repairs, we are the best roofing company in Athens GA to complete your roofing job.

Trust Top Tier for your next Jefferson Roofing Project

Commercial roofs are typically much larger than residential roofs, so damage to them is more significant. This makes regular inspections of commercial roofs imperative. Ongoing maintenance services should also include cleaning the gutters and removing debris, as well as checking flashings, shingles, and membranes for damage — all of which is especially important during seasons of severe weather. We don’t get year-long severe weather here in Jefferson, but hurricane season can certainly wreak some havoc. 

Besides maintenance, here at Top Tier Roofing Company, we can also install special roofing materials for commercial buildings. The roofs of commercial buildings tend to be flat, so the materials must be able to withstand more exposure to direct sunlight and prevent pooling of water. While they are great for residential roofs, traditional shingles and tiles are not suited for commercial buildings. However, other materials are more suitable for commercial use, such as thermoplastic polyolefin (TPO) and other membrane technologies. These materials have many advantages and are becoming a popular option for commercial and industrial properties.

Frequently Asked Questions

Not only are we locally and family owned and fully insured and licensed, but as a best practice in the roofing industry, we are GAF factory-certified roofing contractors. Factory-certified roofing contractors are trained by GAF and are backed by a GAF warranty. That means we have passed an extensive training program and have access to the latest high quality materials and technologies. In addition, we are required to be licensed and insured to install GAF roofing systems, a benefit that gets passed directly to you, our customer. If you are looking for a top-quality residential roofing contractor, you should consider hiring Top Tier Roofing. A GAF Master Elite(r) Contractor provides the highest quality roofing systems, and more than 93% of customers say they would recommend them to others.
We work directly with insurance companies on all of our roofing projects that are related to an insurance claim. We want to make residential roofing projects and commercial roofing projects as easy as possible for our clients. As a professional roofing company, we are familiar with the questions, processes, and requirements the insurance company may have.

We offer full roof replacement if you need a new roof, roof repairs, accent roofing service, minor repairs to roofing materials, repair storm damage, and so much more. We will give you a free estimate before we start working so that you know what to expect from the beginning.

You will be assigned a project manager who will keep you in the loop for the entire process, from the time we start construction to the time we wrap up with the insurance company.

Top Tier offers roof repair services, new roof installation, and roof replacement. During our free estimates, we take a thorough inventory of the condition of your old roof. We look at your existing shingles or other roofing material, your roof’s structure, and every other aspect of your roof’s function, which is to protect your home. Before we replace a roof, we ensure that there are no other, more cost effective, options. This roof inspection is the only way we will know for sure if your roof can be repaired or must be replaced. We promise to give you the most honest assessment and exceptional workmanship, no matter which roofing options you take.
If you’re considering replacing your old roofing, the main difference between shingles and metal is the material. Metal is much more durable and lasts longer than shingles. In fact, it lasts between two and four times as long. Moreover, metal also outperforms shingles in severe weather conditions. Metal roofs also reflect heat away from your home, which can help you save energy. In fact, according to a study by the U.S. Department of Energy, metal roofs can save up to 7% to 15% on annual cooling costs. However, energy efficiency varies between metal types. For example, an aluminum roofing panel with a “cool” paint system will reflect heat from the sun and keep your home cooler. Consequently, you’ll use less energy to keep your home comfortable. Metal roofs last longer than shingles, and it is more energy efficient. But you’ll have to invest in maintenance for metal roofs. Compared to asphalt shingles, they are more expensive but last longer. With proper care, metal roofs will last for 50 to 70 years. Metal roofing comes in a wide variety of colors. Some types come in hundreds of shades. You can match them to the color scheme of your home, and you can even get the metal in a specialized color if you want. Another big benefit of metal roofing is that it is very lightweight, impact resistant, and fire resistant. This makes it a good option for summertime in Athens.

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