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Yes, we’re a locally-owned roofing company, but we also offer dumpster rental services in Jefferson, GA and surrounding areas. 

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In addition to roofing, gutter, and exterior work services, we also provide dumpster rentals for junk removal, spring cleaning, job sites and much more.  We will drop off the dumpster and pick it up when you are finished. All our dumpsters are residential friendly and a weight limit of up to 5 tons of waste.  

Jefferson ga's best Dumpster Rental Services

When it comes to dumpster rental companies in Jefferson GA, there are several things to look for. Some companies have a reputation for overpromising and under-delivering. For example, some will guarantee a specific delivery time, but show up late or fail to arrive at all without any explanation. In these cases, customers would have been better off making alternative arrangements. Also, some companies may quote very low prices on the phone, only to charge overages at the end of the rental.

Before hiring a dumpster rental company in Jefferson, make sure you know what kind of permit is required. In most cases, you won’t need a permit if you’re placing the dumpster on private property, but in certain public areas, you may need to obtain a permit.

When you’re ready to start planning your project, give Top Tier a call. We’re the best company for dumpster rental in Jefferson GA.

Frequently Asked Questions

We rent driveway-safe dumpster on wheels. We do not offer roll off dumpster rental.

Top Tier offers dumpster rentals in and around Athens GA at the following rates:

  • $275 for 1/day
  • $50 extra for each additional day
  • $350 for weekend special drop off Friday mornings and pick up Monday. 
  • Anything over 1 ton is an additional $25 per 1/2 ton

If you’re not sure what size dumpster you need or have any questions we don’t answer here, just give us a shout. With our upfront pricing, you will know your rental costs in advance. We have no hidden fees and are happy to give you a hassle-free quote.

We do everything we can to meet your requests for delivery schedule and rental period. We will deliver your dumpster at your request, depending on availability. Once we have you scheduled, you will receive a confrontation email of delivery date and time. We offer great customer service, so you can always reach out with questions!

We offer dumpster rental for units ranging from 18 yards up to 5 ton capacity.

You can load your dumpster with all items except paints, tires, anything considered hazardous waste or other federally prohibited items. That means you can include most demolition debris, light construction debris, home construction debris, yard materials, etc.

We will place the container in your driveway or other convenient spot, as long as it is safe to do so.

Top Tier offers junk removal and disposal of your household junk. As long as you don’t load hazardous waste, paint, or tires, we will haul it off for you. We do not load dumpsters for you, though.

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